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Thesis Checklist

The following checklist is meant as a guide for CHASS users who are nearing completion of their theses. It is important to take note of these issues well in advance of your deadline. CHASS recommends you begin looking into these issues at least a month before your thesis is due.

Disclaimer: CHASS provides an Electronic Publishing Centre which may be reserved for final thesis output. The laser printer is given regular toner changes, and CHASS supplies 20 lb. bond thesis quality paper (for one draft copy). You are highly encouraged to bring your own paper. CHASS can only guarantee a good quality draft printout. If you have special needs regarding: specialized software, high quality printouts, or other demands beyond CHASS' capabilities, you may need to go elsewhere. It is a good idea to try a test printout of several chapters of your thesis using CHASS facilities before you commit to your final printout.

Is your thesis written in a software program that is compatible with software at CHASS?

Is the quality of print out at CHASS sufficient for your needs?

Thesis Binding/Copy Centres (Toronto)