Advancing Knowledge through Technology

Departments, Institutes, and Centres Affiliated with CHASS

Participating University of Toronto departments with computing accounts through CHASS.

Note: CHASS provides computing accounts only for current graduate students, faculty members, staff, R.A.'s, and visiting scholars of the departments listed here.

  1. Anthropology, Department of
  2. Art, Department of
  3. Classics, Department of
  4. Comparative Literature, Centre for
  5. Drama, Graduate Centre for Study of
  6. East Asian Studies, Department of
  7. Economics, Department of
  8. English, Department of
  9. French, Department of
  10. Germanic Languages and Literatures, Department of
  11. History, Department of
  12. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Institute for the (IHPST)
  13. Industrial Relations, Centre for
  14. Italian Studies, Department of
  15. Linguistics, Department of
  16. Management, Joseph R. Rotman School of
  17. Medieval Studies, Centre for
  18. Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Department of
  19. Museum Studies Program
  20. Philosophy, Department of
  21. Policy Analysis, Institute for (IPA)
  22. Political Science, Department of
  23. School of Public Policy and Governance
  24. Religion, Department and Centre for the Study of
  25. Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of
  26. Sociology, Department of
  27. Spanish and Portuguese, Department of